Metatarsal Pads

Wool Hapad dancer pads distribute pressure away from the first MP joint.  Self-adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
The original Hapad.  Combines medial support and metatarsal arch support.  Self-adhesive.  Comes in a pair.
Wool Hapad metatarsal bars unload pressure under the metatarsal arch.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.  5/16" thick.
Wool Hapad metatarsal cookies are a wider metatarsal pad than the traditional met pads.  Self adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
These wool Hapad metatarsal pads relieve pressure under the metatarsal heads.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.
Gives doctor recommended relief from ball of foot pain and calluses.  These soft, foam cushions soften every step.  Helps eliminate rough, irritating calluses.  Slips on over toes to stay in place without adhesives.  Contains 1 per package.
Open cell, custom skived semi-firm sponge rubber.  Sold per pair.
Our poron anterior bars are excellent for the diabetic or arthritic foot.  Poron will not bottom out, giving a gentle support to the metatarsals or the sensitive foot.  These pads are mechanically shaped and skived for uniform preciseness.  
Made of medical grade poron, these metatarsal pads are ready to place.  Sold per dozen pairs.
These quality sponge rubber metatarsal pads have the traditional metatarsal shape and are ready to place. 


The Drop is a standard metatarsal pad that is neither right nor left specific.  Ideal for dress flats, heels and oxfords when a regular metatarsal is needed.  Leather covered with adhesive back.


The T-Form is a metatarsal pad that spans all five metatarsal heads.  Ideal for dress flats, heels and oxfords.  Soft sponge filler—like a pillow under the arch.  Self-adhesive back.
Soft, shock absorbing PQ gel with adhesive back.  Graduating in thickness by size from 3/16" to 5/16".  Sold in pairs.
Provides comfort and support for the metatarsal arch. 

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