Fitting Aids

Tuli's Gel Classic Heel Cups are made with TuliGel.  TuliGel is a new, specially formulated polymer that is lighter, softer and more resilient than the material used in other heel cups.  The unique character of TuliGel, combined with Tuli's patented waffle design, provides the ultimate in shock absorption.
Tuli's double-ribbed classic heel cups provide 50% more protection than the previous model and provide relief from the everyday pain of heel strike. 
Wool tongue pads with self-adhesive backing.  Sold in packages of a dozen pairs.
Precut sponge rubber scaphoid pads sold per dozen pairs.
Premolded red rubber scaphoid pads sold in a dozen pairs.
Self-adhesive dense latex foam pads that are placed directly under the arch of the orthotic insert.  They boost the support level of Powerstep orthotic insoles, providing extra support for those needing high support or rigidity.  Perfect for severely flat feet.  Ideal for use in dress and casual shoes (slip-ons and low to mid heel dress shoes) and athletic shoes.
These posting strips, in either blue EVA or black EFM, are designed to suit your specific needs.  All have self-adhesive backing with a gradiation of 3° and are 2.5 x 14".


The Stop is a leather covered heel grip that helps prevent heel slippage.  Stays in place with a self adhesive backing.
These quality sponge rubber metatarsal pads have the traditional metatarsal shape and are ready to place. 
Made of medical grade poron, these metatarsal pads are ready to place.  Sold per dozen pairs.
Our poron anterior bars are excellent for the diabetic or arthritic foot.  Poron will not bottom out, giving a gentle support to the metatarsals or the sensitive foot.  These pads are mechanically shaped and skived for uniform preciseness.  
Open cell, custom skived semi-firm sponge rubber.  Sold per pair.
Our Medi-Heel lifts are designed for the treatment of anatomical and physiological short leg deficiencies.  They are molded from a pliable, resilient, washable plastisol (not rubber) that is latex and allergy free.  
Visco-GEL releases mineral oil enriched with vitamin E to moisturize skin, protect, soothe and soften corns.  Fabric sleeve, half coated with Gel, stretches for a custom fit.  Contains 12 per bag.
Surgical ribbed elastic cap lined with Visco-GEL protects the whole toe.  May be cut without fraying.  Contains 6 per bag.
Red rubber heel wedges are used to correct hind foot valgus.  Sold per dozen pairs. 
Simple, yet brilliant!  Our covered heel wedges feature a stiff, tan cover material over a red rubber heel straight.  Fits inside any shoe to correct hind foot valgus.  Sometimes called "Heel Straights."  Sold in pairs.
Hapad`s self-adhesive, wool felt heel grips fit snugly into any shoe to prevent blisters and relieve "pump bump".  Comes in a pair.
Traditional medial arch supports with 5/16" thickness.  Self-adhesive.  Sold per pair.
These wool Hapad metatarsal pads relieve pressure under the metatarsal heads.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.
Wool Hapad metatarsal cookies are a wider metatarsal pad than the traditional met pads.  Self adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
Wool Hapad metatarsal bars unload pressure under the metatarsal arch.  Self-adhesive.  Sold in pairs.  5/16" thick.
The original Hapad.  Combines medial support and metatarsal arch support.  Self-adhesive.  Comes in a pair.
Wool Hapad dancer pads distribute pressure away from the first MP joint.  Self-adhesive.  5/16" thick.  Sold in pairs.
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