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Latest Products


A composite material made with carbon webbing and laminated with acrylic resins, which is suitable for applications that require a balance.  This composite material does not conduct heat and remains cool to the foot even during the most grueling conditions.  Moldable and grindable.
The Ultra Lite Runner insole, suitable for everyday and sports use, offers an unprecedented combination of appearance, function and processing ease.


Full length orthotic designed with a high flange for children and adults.
The Endurance insoles offer light arch support and cushioning in a super slim, low-profile design.  VCT Variable Cushioning Technology foam with targeted poron cushioning at the heel and ball of foot provide protection and comfort in high impact areas.  Flexible arch support shell provides light support.  Foam base and mesh coating are water resistant.  Ideal for those preferring less rigid arch support or increased comfort and support while running, cycling or skiing.  Low profile design fits ...
All of us at the Verne Bintz Company are LOVING this Relief Cream! Ellen used it while marathon training, Verne and Linda use it for back pain and Sally uses it for arthritis. It has far and beyond exceeded our expectations without any side effects. And, the cost is more reasonable than its competitors. Call us if you would like to hear more about our experiences. We can't say enough about it!


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam, which was exclusively developed for the fabrication of orthotics.  Provides perfect stress dispersion while performing day to day activities.
Glass fiber composite is very easy to use for inserts, insole stiffeners, orthotics or any other application where a moldable product is needed.  A combination of glass webbing combined with an acrylic polymer allows the material to maintain its density and integrity. 
AF7:  Compression Ankle Bracing Sleeve
A dynamic insert made of injection molded polyester.  The thin, lightweight design meets the biomechanical requirements of the foot.  This style is available with met.  The basic shape of the Dyna-Flex allows for easy and fast adjustments by the technician.  Dyna-Flex inserts are thermo-formable and remain slightly "flexible" at all times. 

Top ten Products


The Stop is a leather covered heel grip that helps prevent heel slippage.  Stays in place with a self adhesive backing.
PediFix Deep Healing Foot Cream™ is recommended for people with diabetes and sensitive feet.  Absorbs quickly to moisturize dry skin and soften calluses.  Helps to prevent irritation and cracking with urea and Vitamins A, D and E.  Non-greasy formula penetrates deep to revitalize tired feet. 
Soft, adjustable elastic loop gently aligns crooked or overlapping toes as you walk.  Keeps hammer toe in normal position by exerting constant gentle pressure.  Splints encourage flexing and extension of hammer toes to prevent fixation and rigidity.  Also an ideal splint after toe surgery.  Trimmable with scissors.  Washable.  Fits left or right foot.
Aligns crooked overlapping or hammer toes that are still flexible.  Elastic bands gently guide deformed toes into place.  Splints encourage flexing and extension of hammer toes to prevent fixation and rigidity.  Also an ideal splint after toe surgery.  Trimmable with scissors.  Washable.  Fits right or left foot.
Mild flanges help keep the soft Gel spacers in place between first and second toes.  Contains 2 per package.
PediFix Callus Protectors are soft felt pads that protect calluses to stop pain and skin buildup.  They relieve pressure on sensitive areas and absorb shoe friction to make walking more comfortable.  Non-acidic.  Contains 8 per package.
These soft, cotton-covered elastic bandages gently “squeeze” your feet to give you more support, improve foot posture, and make standing and walking more comfortable.  Contains 1 per package.
Hapad`s self-adhesive, wool felt heel grips fit snugly into any shoe to prevent blisters and relieve "pump bump".  Comes in a pair.
Soft, cotton-covered Velcro® splints relieve discomfort of crooked toes, hammer toes, corns and between toe irritations.  Without taking up any space in shoes, these soft fabric cushions gently separate and align troubled toes and softly cushion sore spots.  Contains 2 per package.