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Designed for people with conditions that result in sensitive feet.  Constructed with a multi-density material combination of Plastazote and polyurethane, these orthotics offer superb resilience, cushioning and shock absorption.  Plastazote`s distinctive self-contouring capabilities and hypoallergenic, anti-microbial formulation enable it to conform to the shape of the foot and evenly distribute pressure across the surface of the foot, bringing relief to areas of concern.  Plastazote is ...
The ProThotics Motion Control has a metatarsal rise, as well as a structural stabilizer which promotes maximum stability, prevents pronation and rolling ankles, and helps to correct postural alignment. 
The ProThotics Performance Sport has a metatarsal rise, as well as exceptional cushioning.
The ProThotics Pressure Relief has a metatarsal rise, as well as a Plastazote® top layer which molds to the shape of your foot, evenly distributing pressure in a hypoallergenic, anti-microbial environment.  Pressure Relief provides protection against diabetic ulceration and relief for arthritis and other foot sensitivities.
Ultimate performance insole for high impact sports.  The ProThotics Ultra Arch has a metatarsal rise, as well as a built in semi-rigid graphite insert.  Delivers firm yet flexible support.


This 3/4 length insole is made of Microcell puff, an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam.  EVA is a wonderful shock absorber that is heat moldable and has excellent shape retention.  Temperature to customize:  200-250°F (1.5-2 minutes).
Same long lasting insole material as the Comfort Insole but with an added soft arch cushion for extra comfort. 
Same long lasting insole material as the Comfort Insole but with an added soft arch cushion for extra comfort. 
For aerobics, court sports, running, weight training, racquet sports and walking.  Helps turn any athletic shoe into a cross training shoe. 
Specifically designed to help control and balance the foot.  Stronger and more supportive than the arch cushion. 
Firm customizable support for dress shoes. Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot for tighter fitting shoes. Spenco material absorbs shock and reduces friction to improve overall foot comfort.
Advanced arch support and deep heel cupping. The unique and patent pending 3-POD™ Cushioning System absorbs shock and helps prevent over-pronation. 
All the features of the Total Support Original but with a stiffer, more rigid arch support and SpenCore Forefoot Pad.
For walking, running and jogging.  Special "heel strike" cushioning delivers optimum shock absorption for repetitive rear foot impact. 
The Comfo Runner insole, suitable for everyday and sports use, offers an unprecedented combination of appearance, function and processing ease.  It also fits great in a dress shoe.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam, which was exclusively developed for the fabrication of orthotics.  Provides perfect stress dispersion while performing day to day activities.


Full length orthotic designed with a high flange for children and adults.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam and a brown microfiber suede-like cover.


Constructed with an open-cell polyurethane foam specially designed for the use in the footbed.  Upper material is a microfiber suede-like fabric.
Designed for the "average" patient with general orthotic needs, blue density orthotics provide excellent biomechanical control.
Designed for high performance, this orthotic provides both durability and solid biomechanical control.  Red high performance orthotics are ideal for athletes, high activity users and overweight patients.
The Dananberg Orthotic makes treating 1st ray function easier.  The world’s first professional orthotic device with removable first ray sections has been designed with proximal and distal plugs which can be removed individually or together as necessary.  In cases where maximum effect is required (Structural Hallux Limitus - SHL), both plugs can be removed.  This orthotic is also heat moldable to personalize the rearfoot control.
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