Recovery socks are designed with gradient compression to enhance circulation and deliver more oxygen to lower leg muscles to help speed recovery during or after training, running or athletic activity.
Its thin, breathable design is perfect for wear under socks and with shoes.  Comfortable top and bottom bands hold sleeve in place.  The 20-30mmHg compression and ribbed bands at the Achilles and arch offer added support.
The Powerstep Plantar Fasciitis Calf Sleeves are designed with gradient compression to enhance circulation while simultaneously supporting the arch to reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  The thin, breathable design allows for comfortable wear.  Suitable for use in conjunction with Powerstep orthotics for daytime use in alleviating plantar fasciitis or heel and arch pain.  Ideal for wear during athletic activity or while running, walking or standing.  Sold by the pair.
The Powerstep Plantar Fasciitis Arch Wrap provides targeted arch support to help relieve arch or heel pain and pain associated with plantar fasciitis.  A built-in, contoured gel pad and fully adjustable strap allow for controlled compression by lifting and supporting the arch to ease the strain on the plantar fascia.  Soft materials allow for long-term wear during activity or rest.  Can be worn on right or left foot, with or without a sock.
The Powerstep Achilles Tendon Strap features a silicone gel pad that provides targeted compression to support and stabilize the Achilles tendon.  Soft materials provide added warmth and compression.  Helps alleviate discomfort, tenderness and pain from overuse or Achilles tendonitis.  Fits right or left foot.
Powerstep`s Adjustable Heel Lift provides 3/8" additional heel height adjustment, or layers can be peeled way for 1/4" or 1/8" additional height to accommodate leg length discrepancies.  Firm, natural, sponge construction absorbs impact of heel strike and provides extra height and cushioning under the heel.  The edge is tapered for improved comfort.  Ideal for dress or casual shoes.
Self-adhesive dense latex foam pads that are placed directly under the arch of the orthotic insert.  They boost the support level of Powerstep orthotic insoles, providing extra support for those needing high support or rigidity.  Perfect for severely flat feet.  Ideal for use in dress and casual shoes (slip-ons and low to mid heel dress shoes) and athletic shoes.
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