​​Back in 1991, Dr. Les Appel, the founder of PowerStep as well as a podiatrist and avid runner, recognized the need for ready-to-wear orthotic insoles that would be both affordable and easily attainable for people struggling with common foot pain. He began to see a similar pattern in the share of the custom-made orthotics that he prescribed to patients. Dr. Appel combined this knowledge of foot anatomy, along with his passion for running, to create the first PowerStep insoles.

Did you know….Les Appel consulted with Verne while he was producing his first prototypes of PowerStep insoles. They met in the parking lot of Kings Island amusement park in 1991 while Verne was there vacationing with his family. Les opened his trunk and showed Verne his creations. Ellen remembers thinking, “Let’s GO!” The Verne Bintz Company became the first distributors of PowerStep products.