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Customer Reviews

“The Verne Bintz Company has been a life-saver for my patients. After having spent hundreds of dollars per pair, my patients find more comfortable support at a fraction of the price. Thank you so much, Verne Bintz, for remembering the working class.”

C. Bret Whittaker DC, D.A.B.C.O.

“Verne & Ellen stock most of the products I use. It’s convenient and economical to consolidate orders into one company. The service is impeccable. And Bintz are huge supporters of Pedorthists. Describe this company in one word- Integrity!”

Stuart Pressman, CPed
“My patients experience immediate and significant relief from plantar fasciitis when I utilize the Comfo-Lite devices. I not only use them as temporary devices but also for long term relief for those patients without orthotic coverage through their insurance.”
Lori Knutstrom, DPM