Glass Fiber Composite Plate 2.4mm

|Glass Fiber Composite Plate 2.4mm

Glass Fiber Composite Plate 2.4mm

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Item #23-GFC2.4

  • 4x8"
  • 5x9"
  • 5x12"
  • 20x24"


Glass fiber composite is very easy to use for inserts, insole stiffeners, orthotics or any other application where a moldable product is needed.  Glass webbing combined with an acrylic polymer allows the material to maintain its density and integrity.

Easily adjusted with a heat gun at 244-266°F.  Reheat and reshape, if needed.  No need for special band saw blades.  No fraying of the edges.

Available in 4×8″, 5×9″, 5×12″ and 20×24″ with a thickness of 2.4mm.

Size 4×8″ is on closeout and is half price.


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Weight 2.3 oz
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4×8", 5×9", 5×12", 20×24"

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