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New Website is here!


After months of development we are finally able to show the Bintz family this new website! We wanted to make

New Website is here!2019-05-07T05:46:06-05:00

Beast Footed


Toe-Tally Fun Fact: Meat-eating dinosaurs are known as theropods, which means “beast-footed,” because they had sharp, hooked claws on their

Beast Footed2019-05-07T05:46:45-05:00

Just leave the Platypus be


Toe-Tally Fun Fact: Platypuses feet; in addition to being webbed, sport pointy spurs loaded with venom, which scientists suspect is

Just leave the Platypus be2019-05-07T05:47:42-05:00

Not just for Nails


Toe-Tally Fun Fact: The red sole of the famous Louboutin heel was actually created by accident, rather than by a

Not just for Nails2019-05-07T05:47:32-05:00

Oh, the Nerve


Toe-Tally Fun Fact: There are more than 100,000 nerve endings in each foot, which provide sensory feedback to your brain,

Oh, the Nerve2019-05-07T05:47:23-05:00

More is Less


Toe-Tally Fun Fact: As a person's income increases, the prevalence of foot problems decreases.

More is Less2019-05-07T05:47:13-05:00


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